Tommy Ward murder: CCTV lead on anniversary of death

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A Saab 93 believed to be linked to the attack was caught on CCTV twice driving past Mr Ward's house on Salisbury Street

Police investigating the murder of an 80-year-old man have issued a CCTV appeal on the anniversary of his death.

Tommy Ward died on 23 February 2016, almost five months after a violent robbery at his house in Maltby, South Yorkshire.

About £30,000 was thought to have been stolen from his Salisbury Road home during the raid.

New footage shows a Saab 93 twice driven past the ex-miner's property less than an hour before the attack.

Det Ch Insp Victoria Short said the vehicle was seen turning right onto Salisbury Road from Grange Lane at about 05:15 BST on 1 October 2015.

It drove past Mr Ward's house before making a U-turn and driving back down the road. It was later seen on CCTV turning back onto Grange Lane from Salisbury Road at 05:40.

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Eighty-year-old ex-miner Tommy Ward's life savings were stolen from his home in the attack, police said

Ms Short said: "There is a 25-minute gap between the car arriving on Salisbury Road and leaving. Through extensive enquiries there is no evidence or suggestion as to why the vehicle would be parked up on the road at this time, or that it could have driven anywhere else in the surrounding area."

Mr Ward was found badly beaten in his home before 07:00 GMT by a carer. He later died from his injuries in hospital.

Ms Short added: "We know at 04:56 on the morning Mr Ward was attacked, there were no lights on at his property.

"However, at 05:58 the property can be seen lit up and Mr Ward was discovered by his carer 45 minutes later."

Ms Short said she "strongly" believed the vehicle was "connected to the attack".

Three South Yorkshire men arrested on suspicion of murder in August were later released on bail without charge.

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