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Thorne Chicken plant charged with 37 water supply offences

A chicken processing plant has been charged with 37 offences after E.coli was found in a water supply.

Yorkshire Water brought the prosecution against Chesterfield Poultry Ltd after contamination led to a tap water ban.

The company, of Coulman Street, Thorne, indicated it would plead not guilty to all the alleged offences at Doncaster Magistrates' Court.

A trial has been scheduled at Doncaster Crown Court for 21 September.

The company has been charged with failing to get the proper authorisation to carry out modifications to pipe work.

A further 36 offences relate to alleged failings with the work that caused or were likely to cause contamination of the water supply.

All the charges have been brought under the Water Supply Regulations 1999.

Contamination was discovered in late July and Yorkshire Water subsequently said E.coli and a related group of bacteria had been found in some samples collected.

Some 3,600 properties in the Thorne area were subject to water use restrictions.

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