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Polish man in Doncaster appeals for help to be 'more English'

Maciej Gabryś Image copyright Maciej Gabryś/Facebook
Image caption Maciej Gabryś said he wanted to improve his English and learn about local culture and history

A Polish man who has recently moved to Doncaster is appealing for help to integrate with the local community.

Maciej Gabryś posted on Facebook asking people for advice on possible jobs he could apply for where he would be working with English people.

The 32-year-old said he also wanted to learn more about the English language, as well as the culture and history of the region and country.

"I am in England, and I want to know England," he added.

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Image copyright Andreas Praefcke/Wikimedia
Image caption Mr Gabryś previously worked in a bank in Jelenia Góra, Poland

Mr Gabryś, who previously worked in a bank in Jelenia Góra, Lower Silesia, south-western Poland, came to Doncaster about a month ago

He said he came up with the idea of using social media to help him find work shortly after.

Speaking about the post in the Doncaster Talk group, Mr Gabryś said: "Some are saying good luck, some are sending me adverts for jobs."

He said he hoped the advice would help him to integrate and learn about English culture and history.

In response, people have posted messages of support and suggestions about where he might get a job.

Others offered advice about integration, suggesting going to the pub with English friends or joining a local sports club.

One tongue-in-cheek post suggested he learn about local football teams, but added "don't favour either United or Wednesday" in a reference to the two biggest Sheffield clubs.

Another post praised him for his efforts, adding: "Of course, we excel at learning other languages when we go abroad!"

Mr Gabryś said he was surprised by the the number of people who responded, but said he was very grateful for all the advice he has received.

What is Doncaster best known for?

Image copyright PA
  • Doncaster is famous for horse racing and hosts the oldest horse race in the world, The Doncaster Cup
  • John Francis Bentley, architect behind Westminster Cathedral, was born in Doncaster
  • Tish, the world's oldest goldfish was won at a funfair in Doncaster in 1956. He died aged 43 and was buried in his owner's garden
  • Thomas Crapper, whose name is synonymous with public conveniences, was born in nearby Thorne in 1863
  • The football club is one of only a handful in the English league to use the word Rovers in its name
  • 1D star Louis Tomlinson, who was born in the town, was part of a failed bid to buy Doncaster Rovers in 2014