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Stranger train letter shared by thousands online

Note written by Hannah Thornton Image copyright Hannah Thornton
Image caption Hannah Thornton's post has been liked 40,000 times

An online post about a note given to two strangers who struck up a friendship on a train has become an internet hit.

Charity worker Hannah Thornton said the two men "instantly hit it off... like they'd been best friends for years".

She said she was so heartened by the conversation she wrote a note to say thank you, which has been shared 7,000 times and liked 40,000.

"I had to let them know they had such a positive impact on me," she said.

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Ms Thornton, who works for Age Better in Sheffield, said: "They were sharing their stories and talking about their plans for the day."

She said she was so inspired she "scribbled a note to them" as she got off the train, and later received a reply.

More than 500 people responded to the post, including Catherine Marsh‏, who wrote: "My eyes a watering and I'm not entirely sure why."

Jenni Cameron also praised the post, saying: "More people need to do this and bring back the days of talking to each other."

Others posted their own stories about encounters with strangers on trains.

In the letter, Ms Thornton wrote: "I didn't want to interrupt your conversation but I wanted to let you know how heartening it's been listening to you chatting on the train this morning."

She said the charity she works for aims to tackle loneliness, and encourage people to be more neighbourly.

"It's been lovely to hear you both doing an abundance of that," she added.

Image caption Ms Thornton said she was so inspired to hear the men talking she "scribbled a note to them" as a thank you

One of the men, Bill, who is 63, replied to say thank you, and said what a pleasure it had been for him to chat to Morris, 80, who was on his way to an army reunion in Liverpool.

In his letter, Bill, who volunteers with a charity in Rotherham, said it had been "a bizarre day" as he was interviewed on BBC local radio after he gave a homeless woman some money on his way to the station.

He said he is now considering doing some work with Age Better after an invite from Ms Thornton.

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