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Plaque unveiled to Cudworth's 1936 Olympic medallist

Archie Stinchcombe
Image caption Archie Stinchcombe was born in Cudworth, near Barnsley, in 1912

A plaque has been unveiled in memory of one of Great Britain's 1936 gold medal winning Winter Olympians.

Archie Stinchcombe was part of the ice hockey team that triumphed over reigning champions Canada at the games in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in Germany.

Mr Stinchcombe and his teammates were presented with their medals by Adolf Hitler.

The plaque has been placed on the house where he was born in 1912 in Cudworth, near Barnsley. He died in 1994 aged 82.

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Image caption Mr Stinchcombe was part of the 1936 gold medal winning Great British ice hockey team

David Swift, from the Cudworth Local History Society, said: "He was born at 282 Barnsley Road and his family moved to Canada when he was very young, just a few months old, but he is still a Cudworther to us."

Mr Stinchcombe was one of a number of Canadian-trained players to appear for the Great British team in 1936.

Speaking in 1992, he said coaches in Canada "did not think it was right" but that ultimately it was a player's choice which country to represent.

Image caption The plaque was put up by the Cudworth Local History Society

During the 1936 medal presentation the team controversially gave the Nazi salute.

Explaining the decision, Mr Stinchcombe said: "We decided to give the Hitler salute as a mark of respect to the German people.

"I said that if we were going to do it we should give it to both sides of the stadium so they would realise we were saluting the people not Hitler and that's what we did."

He went on to captain the British side in the 1948 Olympics and play for and manage the Nottingham Panthers.

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