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Kate Bush fans re-enact Wuthering Heights video

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image captionMany fans knew the Wuthering Heights dance but professional dancers were on hand to remind them of the moves
A bevy of crimson-clad Kate Bush fans came home as part of a world-wide event where people re-enact the singer's Wuthering Heights video.
More than 150 people were "running up that hill" at Sheffield's amphitheatre in mass homage to the British singer.
It was part of an annual event across the world called The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever 2018.
Organiser Linda Ball said: "It was a tremendous day. There was a lot of drama and expressive moves."
image captionBased on the Emily Bronte of the same name, Kate Bush penned Wuthering Heights in 1978
A tribute to Emily Bronte's 1847 novel, Bush's debut song Wuthering Heights surpassed all expectations when it was released in 1978 and became the first number one written and performed song by a female artist.
Then aged 18 she was inspired to write it after catching the last 10 minutes of a BBC television adaptation of the story.
Around 180 people joined the Sheffield event on Saturday, where people recreated the dance from the music video.
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image captionIt is the first time the event has been held in the north of England, organiser said
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image captionOrganisers said the city's amphitheatre was the perfect venue
image copyrightTim Dennell
image captionThe event coincides with what would have been Emily Bronte's 200th birthday
Ms Ball said: "We had professional dancers at the front doing the routine although there were a lot of hardcore fans who clearly knew the moves anyway."
Organised on behalf of Sheffield's Friends of Sheaf Valley Park, Ms Ball, a Kate Bush fan, said she got a few "unusual looks" when she first suggested the idea.
"It's never been done before in the north of England so I thought wow, if we could pull this off and do it, what a memorable thing to be a part of.
"We wanted it to be inclusive and it was. There were men, women and children are joining in. It was fabulous."

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