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Man builds flight simulator in Barnsley dining room

Replica Boeing 737 cockpit
Image caption David Naylor spent 16 months building the replica Boeing 737 cockpit in his front room

A man with a passion for flight simulators has built a Boeing 737 cockpit in his front room.

David Naylor, from Wombwell near Barnsley, built the simulator from scratch after being made redundant from his job as a catering manager.

Mr Naylor, who has no training as an electrician, engineer or carpenter, said he "loved planes as a child".

He started building the cockpit as a hobby in May 2017 and is now training for his single engine pilot's licence.

"I started building the cockpit for myself for fun but when I was made redundant in October 2017 I decided to take the plunge," Mr Naylor said.

"I watched YouTube videos, downloaded manuals and sourced the parts off the internet."

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He built everything - from the wooden frame to screens and buttons - and downloaded real-time maps of 20,000 airports around the world.

Image caption Mr Naylor built everything from the wooden frame to screens and buttons

People of all ages and backgrounds now pay for sessions at the house.

"They said it was realistic. They were in awe," Mr Naylor said.

An unnamed user who 'flew' from Malaga said the maps and weather conditions made the simulator "mind-blowing".

"When we were banking I actually felt G-Force, and taxiing on to the runway was physically bumpy," the user said.

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