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Heeley City Farm tries to find home for 10,000 caged hens

Hens rescued by Phoenix hen rescue and kept by Sarah Wild Image copyright Sarah Wild
Image caption Sarah Wild and a colleague already keep these rescued hens

A farm charity is in a race against time to try to re-home 10,000 hens from a commercial South Yorkshire chicken farm that will shut in a month.

Heeley City Farm, in Sheffield, wants pledges to re-home as many as possible as pets before the other farm closes.

Sarah Wild, a volunteer at the city farm, said the 15-month-old Warren hens had "years left of laying eggs".

Pledges to save about 200 birds have been made but any left behind "might have to be culled", she said.

It is not clear why the unidentified farm is closing down but it will be shutting its doors on 2 March.

The offers already made to provide new homes for the birds follow a social media appeal by the city farm.

"The birds are caged hens that have been kept indoors," Ms Wild said.

"They might be missing a few feathers and look a bit lacklustre but they'll soon come round.

"They are friendly chickens and make great companions."

The minimum requirement is 10 sq ft of space for each hen and the birds are £5 each and "easy to look after", she said.

Image copyright Heeley City Farm
Image caption The city farm recommends taking at least three birds, as they enjoy being in a flock

Heeley City Farm covers four acres and also has gardens across Sheffield. It introduces school children and adults with disabilities to farming and caring for animals.

Another organisation, Phoenix Hen rescue, is also helping find homes for chickens from the same farm.

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