Russell the crow dive-bombing walkers in Sheffield wood

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image captionRussell the crow has claimed numerous victims

An unruly crow nicknamed Russell has been ruffling feathers by dive-bombing people as they walk through a wood.

Walkers and runners in Brincliffe Edge Wood in Nether Edge, Sheffield, have complained about being attacked by the bird.

Claire Goodwin said she was "terrified" when Russell swooped on her several times while out walking her dog.

Dozens of people have taken to Facebook to discuss his antics, with one man saying Russell had cut his head.

image captionClaire Goodwin said she would be staying out of the woods

Ms Goodwin said Russell performed his signature move when she was in the woods on Tuesday and then again when she was out walking on Wednesday.

"All of a sudden something hit me on the head and I saw a crow in front of me," she said.

"I carried on walking and it got me again from the back of my head

"It really hurt. I know he's drawn blood from other people so I was really lucky it didn't happen to me.

"I'm staying out of the woods for a while."

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