Lichfield workers escape industrial press factory fire

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Up to 50 staff were evacuated from a factory when an industrial press caught fire in Staffordshire.

It started in the IMI Norgen factory in Eastern Avenue, Lichfield, at about 0140 BST and was out by 0350 BST.

Six fire crews initially attended but the firm's sprinkler system ensured the accidental fire did not spread far and was easily put out.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue said without the sprinklers they would probably still be at the scene now.

The service's station manager, Mick Jahn said: "We'd urge all businesses to fit sprinkler systems, there are misconceptions that should there be a fire several sprinklers will operate, this isn't the case.

"They will only operate where the fire is located. As this incident has highlighted, they do prevent the spread of fires, and so minimise the economic cost of a fire - which is even more important during these difficult financial times."

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