Staffordshire Police stations to close and 260 jobs will go

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Nine police stations are to close and 260 serving police officers will lose their jobs, Staffordshire Police officials have confirmed.

Bases at Uttoxeter, Lichfield, Rugeley, Wombourne, Stone, Kidsgrove, Newcastle, Burslem and Stoke could close in favour of alternative community sites.

The force is finding ways to save £22m over the next two years.

From November this year, all officers with over 30 years service will be required to leave.

This latest announcement is on top of 280 job cuts already made.

'Front-line depleted'

Chief Constable Mike Cunningham said he will not shut police stations until new sites are found.

This could include sharing buildings or moving into schools, church halls, libraries and shops.

"Every pound I spend on buildings means that that's not a pound I have to save in terms of police officers and police staff and we deliver our services through people not through buildings," he said.

"My promise is this, that I will not close any police stations, I will not move officers out of any police stations unless and until alternative accommodation can be found in that local community."

Andy Adams, chairman of the Staffordshire Police Federation said, he was concerned that front-line police roles would be affected.

"We're concerned that these positions are front-line positions.

"We've spoken about back officer functions being looked at but potentially if these back office functions are an integral part of the organisation they are going to have to be filled.

"The only place they can come from is the front-line and our concern is that that front-line is already depleted."

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