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Goth-rock band No Redemption have hopes for The Stone

Image caption No Redemption appear as themselves in the movie of The Stone

Goth-rock band No Redemption, based in Stoke-on-Trent, is hoping for great things with the release later this year of horror movie The Stone.

James Earnshaw and Gemma Simpson from the band have written songs for the film and directed the soundtrack.

James said: "We're pretty excited; the band's video for song No Return shall be featured on the DVD of the movie".

The Stone recently took the Best Foreign Film Award at the Mountain Film Festival in California.

Chance meeting

Image caption Gemma and James believe movies are their future

James explained that the band had been going for about six years when he had a chance meeting with the film maker Philip Gardiner, the director of The Stone.

He said: "We hit it off, and I offered to write an album of music for a documentary by him, which meant I could try out new things such as orchestral pieces.

"It worked brilliantly, and now I'm involved in a lot of movies, not just The Stone."

The band has since written and recorded the song Lost And Lonely for the film Camgirl, and are working on a new film Paranormal Haunting, which has been shot partly in Leek in north Staffordshire. James is also working on his own film, The Hollow.

A new album from the band is promised too.

The Stone

The band was even given the chance to play themselves in the The Stone.

"What happens is that, in the movie, No Redemption is playing in a theatre when all hell is said to break loose!"

The band has been used to playing only around the Staffordshire area, but "we expect things to change slightly now, and interest is already coming in from all over the place", said James.

The Stone is due to play at the Cannes Film Festival in May before general release in August.

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