BBC Radio Stoke FAQs: Your Questions & Our Answers

image captionRadio Stoke undertakes hundreds of outside broadcasts every year

BBC Radio Stoke is one of the oldest BBC local radio stations in the country, first going on-air in 1968.

The station has a loyal and large regular following, and we get many questions relating to output.

If you have a question about the station, you might find the answer on this special FAQs page.

If your question is not answered here, BBC Radio Stoke's front-line reception staff are always available to assist.

Need basic contact details?

If you want to phone, email or write to our programme teams, news teams, locally-based TV reporter or website-news teams, it's easy. Try our Contact Us page

Need details about the station?

Here we have: directions to the BBC Centre in Hanley; how to make an enquiry; all about Radio Stoke products for sale; and more. Try our front of house details page.

What's On

Want to submit a listing for Radio Stoke's What's On diary? Use the What's On submission form

Reception issues?

Sometimes people ask about reception issues in receiving BBC local radio in Staffordshire, and with BBC TV. Try our reception issues page

Listen online

You can listen to Radio Stoke's output on your computer too. Listen live, or up to seven days afterwards. Try BBC Radio Stoke iplayer page

Match Commentaries

If you're a sports fans, you'll want to know about BBC Radio Stoke's coverage. Nearly all league matches in the area are covered. (However, you can also find out why football match commentaries are often not available on our website). Try the Sport Commentaries & Sport News on BBC Radio Stoke page

Sports team

You can join in the sport debates on the sport phone-in programmes; you can also check out the Radio Stoke sports team. Try the Sport on Radio Stoke page


If you want to send us a comment about BBC services in the county, we would love to hear from you. See the comments form

Social networking

You can follow what BBC Stoke is up to through its Facebook, Twitter and RSS news-feed pages. See our Following the BBC in Staffordshire page


There are webcams in Radio Stoke studios - and across the county - with images updated every five minutes. You can check if it's raining! Look at our webcams page

Your video

You are very welcome to let us see your videos anytime of course. But the BBC also has a special section for showing your 'more creative' video work. Try the Video Nation page

History of Radio Stoke

The radio station celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2008. There has been a lot of history since then! Look back at the former presenters, programmes and 'golden moments'. See Radio Stoke history and Radio Stoke - Wikipedia and former & current presenters

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