Longnor man rescued from fire at bungalow

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An 83-year-old man has been rescued after a chip pan caught fire at his home in Staffordshire.

Firefighters from Longnor rescued the man from the smoke-filled hallway of his bungalow in the village.

They had forced their way into the house after being alerted to reports of smoke coming from the windows and roof.

The man was conscious but dazed and was led outside and given oxygen. A fire crew from Buxton put out the fire, which had started in the kitchen.

The man was later taken to hospital for further treatment.

'Serious fire hazard'

Group manager Wayne Bowcock said: "The property was very heavily smoke-logged and on inspection we have found that the smoke alarm had no battery in it."

He said the cooker hob had been accidentally switched on, igniting the chip pan. The fire spread to kitchen units.

"We would urge people to never store items on cookers and would encourage family, friends and neighbours of elderly people to keep an eye out for such actions as it is a serious fire hazard," he said.

He added the man had been taken to hospital for further treatment.

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