Facebook page mocks dead Stoke-on-Trent girl

image captionMs Bradley called for a debate on how other families could be protected

A Facebook page mocking a Stoke-on-Trent teenager who died in a car crash has been labelled "shocking and disgusting" in Parliament.

Conservative MP Karen Bradley said a page was created on Facebook which showed graphic pictures of 16-year-old Hayley Bates.

The case will now be raised with the government minister responsible for the internet to try and stop more victims being targeted after their deaths.

Hayley died in a car crash last year.

Her friend, driver Ian Lewkowicz, 26, also died in the crash in September 2010 when the Nissan car they were in hit a parked lorry on the A500 in Staffordshire.

A web page was then set up on Facebook which reportedly showed Hayley with her eyes crossed out and captioned "used car for sale" and "one useless owner".

Another picture showed a corpse while one featured the lay-by where the accident occurred captioned: "A waste of a good car."

'Horrifying case'

The images have since been removed from Facebook.

Ms Bradley, MP for Staffordshire Moorlands, raised the case in the Commons as MPs discussed future parliamentary business.

She said: "Hayley's parents have recently discovered a Facebook page has been created called 'Hayley smash Nissan' displaying shocking and disgusting images relating to Hayley and the accident."

Ms Bradley called for a debate on how other families could be protected from such abuse, which is known as internet "trolling".

Leader of the House Sir George Young said: "This is a horrifying case and our sympathies go out to the family and friends.

"This can cause great distress if these incidents are mishandled. I will raise with the relevant minister the points touched on."

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