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Fire crews in Staffordshire attacked on bonfire night

Firefighters in Staffordshire had fireworks, bricks and glass bottles thrown at them on bonfire night.

Crews came under attack from groups of youths when they attended three separate incidents in Shelton and Bentilee on Monday.

Chief fire officer Peter Dartford said: "I'm lost for words. It's absolutely disgusting."

The service added it was a "blessing" no-one had been injured in Monday night's attacks.

Fireworks were thrown at six firefighters who went to put out a small blaze in Rectory Road, Shelton.

Unable to tackle

In another incident, in Wellfield Road, Bentilee, firefighters came under attack when they tried to deal with a number of wheelie-bin fires which had been started deliberately, the service said.

The crew had to call police for help before they were able to leave their vehicle after a large group of youths threw stones and glass bottles at them.

However, the firefighters had to leave the fire to burn out because they were unable to tackle it safely, the service said.

Mr Dartford said: "It's absolutely disgusting that our firefighters have been attacked at all, let alone three times on what is one of our busiest nights of the year.

"The only blessing is that none of our firefighters have been injured."

Mr Dartford added the service would be working with police to trace those responsible for the attacks.

Anyone with information about the incidents is urged to contact Staffordshire Police.

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