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London attack: Father 'helpless' as daughter Rhiannon Owen hid in pub

Rhiannon Owen
Image caption Rhiannon Owen hid in a pub store room with 30 to 40 other people

The father of a student nurse caught up in the London Bridge attack felt "utterly helpless" when she said she was hiding in a pub store room.

Rhiannon Owen was at a cash machine on Saturday night when a taxi driver shouted at her to run.

The 19-year-old said she was about 10ft (3m) from one of the knife attackers and had warned people in a nearby pub.

She told her father David they were hiding and had heard gunshots outside the pub when he called at 23:00 BST.

Mr Owen, from Nantwich, Cheshire, added: "She got a warning from a taxi driver who got her attention.

"She hadn't seen him [the attacker] coming.

"He got within 10ft of her. She saw the guy wielding a knife, saw him stab at, or stab someone, as she ran away, but she didn't look back after that point."

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Miss Owen, who is a student nurse, ran into Applebee's pub where she joined 30 or 40 others and hid in a store room.

Her father said he saw her about an hour later on the BBC News Channel.

"She ran into an open fronted cafe-bar and yelled 'there's people with knives' and the bar staff locked themselves into a storage room upstairs," he added.

"It was so surreal. We're a bit shaken up, still a little bit disorientated, but the relief is palpable.

"I felt utterly helpless on the night.

"You're just relying on the police and security services to protect people... they reacted very quickly."

Miss Owen is appealing for the taxi driver to get in touch because she believes he saved her life and allowed her to warn others.

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