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Row brews over new 'affordable' homes in Suffolk

House builders and developers in Suffolk are challenging planning requirements to include affordable housing as part of their projects.
The claim has been revealed in a report to Bury St Edmunds Borough Council.
Unnamed developers with projects in the pipeline told planners that in tough economic times strict rules were not viable and they wanted them relaxed.
St Edmundsbury council currently asks for 30% of homes on key new developments to be "affordable".
The biggest project planners are currently considering is north west of Haverhill where an urban extension could bring 345 affordable homes.
Bury St Edmunds borough is also in negotiations with the Ministry of Defence to develop former US Air Force accommodation at Stanton.
There could be also be a chance for more homes as Suffolk County Council dispose of some of theirs, a spokesman said.
The housing report is to be considered by the borough planning committee next week.

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