Royal wedding teapots from Suffolk pottery Carters

A firm in rural Suffolk says production of its royal wedding commemorative pottery is running at full capacity.

Carters Ceramics employs seven people in Debenham producing handpainted William and Kate teapots and mugs.

Its products are being sold in Harrods shops at airports and the firm said it had nearly sold out of its limited edition large teapots.

Owner Tony Carter said: "We are expecting the other products to keep selling throughout the summer."

The company started designing the range of large teapot, small teapot and two mugs in January.

"We're celebrating the royal wedding and it's a very positive boost for our business," said Mr Carter.

"If we were cashing in on it we would have been doing something nasty and cheap."

Limited edition

The husband and wife team met at Ipswich Art School in the late 1960s and established the pottery in 1978.

The Carters said their Charles and Diana range from 1981 was very successful and they are continuing their tradition of royal products.

Image caption Anita Carter formed the pottery company with her husband in 1978

Anita Carter, co-owner, said: "It's very important. It's good trade, not just in this country but abroad.

"Most of our market would be China, Taiwan and Korea."

The company expects the products to become collector's items and claims the Charles and Diana teapots now sell for £100 on the secondary market.

"We're a small design manufacturer, it's handmade and we're working to maximum capacity," said Mr Carter.

"The work coming out of this pottery will appreciate in value compared to a lot of the mass-produced stuff that's coming in by the container load, although there is room for all of us."