In pictures: Unloved and discarded furniture in Ipswich

Discarded sofa and table in a road in Ipswich
Image caption The Ipswich Relics website celebrates dumped objects spotted on the streets of Ipswich
Discarded zebra toy in Ipswich
Image caption Andrew Laws said he did not have a "wish list" of dumped objects he hoped to find
Two broken chairs in Ipswich
Image caption The website, Andrew Laws says, aims to encourage people to take another look at dumped items
Television set in the road
Image caption Andrew Laws said he did not want to undermine the clean-up work of the local council and charities

Dumped, lost and unloved items of furniture spotted in the streets are being celebrated online.

Andrew Laws said he started the Ipswich Relics website in April as "a bit of a joke" but has continued to upload discarded objects spotted in the town.

"The website highlights that if you look at life a little bit differently you can find fun in quite mundane items," he said.

"Like a settee in the middle of a roundabout."

'Intimate readership'

Mr Laws, 37, said he was keen for the website not to undermine the "good work" of the council and local charities in his hometown who strove to keep the streets clean and re-home old furniture.

Image caption A Christmas tree was spotted on a pavement in April

It is more about "celebrating the discarded and unloved".

"Sometimes you see furniture in the street and it's very nicely arranged," he said.

"There's a table and chair in the road near me which looks like someone is going to sit down for their supper."

He said he did not want people to start dumping furniture just to be part of the website, but he would like other contributors.

As for the popularity of the site, Mr Laws said he had realistic expectations of its audience.

"We have a gentle and intimate readership," he said.

"The days of launching websites to become a millionaire died out about the same time a lot of this furniture was first bought."

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