School parking patrols told to stop Broke Hall campaign

Cars parked outside Broke Hall Primary School in Ipswich
Image caption Photos were taken of cars which broke the parking rules outside Broke Hall Primary School

Parents at a primary school have been told to stop confronting drivers who park illegally after some motorists became aggressive.

The area outside Broke Hall Primary School in Ipswich had been monitored by parents who feared bad parking was putting children in danger.

But Mike Sarbutts, the local PCSO, said he told the group to stop because things had become "a little dangerous".

He said PCSOs would monitor the area and issue fines where necessary.

Tina Skinner, who has helped with the patrols, said illegal parking and people not adhering to road markings had made it dangerous for children, especially in bad weather.

'Near misses'

Ms Skinner said: "If it's raining, it's bedlam. You'll have people ignoring everything, double parked, parked on the zig zags.

"One day a child probably will be hit - there's been a lot of very near misses."

She said most parents followed the rules but others were angry.

Ms Skinner added: "A lot of the parents did take heed but a lot of them were very aggressive towards us. That's not acceptable."

Mike Sarbutts, the PCSO for the Rushmere and Kesgrave Safer Neighbourhood Team, praised the parents for wanting to "make a difference".

"Unfortunately the campaign ran into a zone where it became a little dangerous," he said.

"Even PCSOs in full uniform..people are aggressive towards us. I wouldn't want any parents to get involved in that.

"It's quite a simple thing but people are so busy in their worlds these days, rushing from one thing to another, and unfortunately children are their last thought - which is totally unacceptable."

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