Rumburgh driver rescued from car in pond

Car removed from pond Image copyright JANE DAVIS
Image caption Fire crews said the driver could not swim and was a "very lucky chap"

A motorist was rescued after being found clinging to the roof of his car in a 12ft-deep (3.7m) pond.

The man, said to be a non-swimmer, was found hanging on to the car's aerial after a collision with a parked car in Mill Road, Rumburgh in the early hours.

Police said the man, who was driving a blue Vauxhall Corsa, gave a negative breath test.

Witness Roger Davis said the car was in his garden pond and it took about two hours to get the motorist out.

Image copyright JANE DAVIS
Image caption Fire crews had to help the man from the roof of his car before he was taken to hospital

He said: "I didn't hear much as I was fast asleep, but then there were three fire engines, the ambulance and the police outside my house.

"The chap was clinging to the roof of the car, they got him off and pulled the car out. He couldn't swim - and the pond is about 12 foot deep at the moment.

"I think the chap went to hospital with hypothermia, he was clinging to the roof and holding on to the car's aerial. It was interesting to say the least.

"I think he'd swerved to avoid a deer, that's what the police said."

'Dear life'

Fire crews were called at 03:10 GMT and an ambulance took the man to the James Paget Hospital at 04:36 GMT.

Stuart Hostler, watch commander at Halesworth fire station, said: "He was a very lucky chap.

"When we got there he had already got out of the car and was holding on to the aerial for dear life.

"He was showing signs that he was very cold and he was up to his waist in the water."

The East of England Ambulance Service said the man got out of his car by himself and was conscious and alert when they arrived.

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