Jurassic World fans asked to make Simon Masrani website

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image captionJurassic World - the fourth movie in the Jurassic Park series - has just been released at the cinemas

A lifelong Jurassic Park fan said being asked to make a website for the new movie was a "dream come true".

Jack Ewins, 26, originally from Suffolk, and Timothy Glover, 30, from Australia, grabbed Universal Studios' attention for a fan site about rumoured Jurassic World character "Patel".

They were amazed to be flown to Los Angeles and asked to make a site for Simon Masrani, the character's actual name.

"It felt unbelievable," said Mr Ewins.

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image captionJack Ewins (left) and Timothy Glover made a website for the character Simon Masrani
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image captionIrrfan Khan appears as dinosaur park owner Simon Masrani in the film

"I was working at the Empire Cinema at Leicester Square [in London] and felt my phone vibrate, and I had an email from Universal.

"I was thinking, 'Am I going to get sued?', but there was an introduction and I was asked to call them.

"I had only been talking to my manager about when Jurassic World was going to screened - and then my prayers were answered."

image copyrightJack Ewins
image captionThe pair got spotted for their website on rumoured character "Patel"
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image captionThey then developed a site for Simon Masrani, making it look like a real corporate website for the character

Originally from Beccles, Mr Ewins headed to London in his early 20s to pursue a writing career.

Also a keen illustrator, his drawings were spotted online by website builder Mr Glover, from Perth, who suggested they worked together on a site for "Patel", details of whom were leaked on the web before Jurassic World's release.

Universal loved their site so much, it asked the pair to make a page for Simon Masrani, the actual name of the character who runs the dinosaur attraction.

image copyrightJack Ewins
image captionMr Glover and Mr Ewins met director Colin Trevarrow at the world premiere

They also attended the film's world premiere this month in the US and met its cast and crew at the after-party.

"Big studios don't tend to call people straight off the street. It was a dream come true," said Mr Ewins.

Doug Neil, Universal's digital marketing head, said: "Having fans like Jack and Timothy get involved helped to make sure that what we created maintained an authentic voice and respect for the fans."

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