Oh my cod: 'Seagull mugging' caught on camera

Image source, Skye Summer
Image caption,
Miss Summer said her large portion had seemed like "good value" until the gull made off with it

A woman unintentionally caught the moment when a "crafty seagull" swooped to steal the cod from her fish supper.

Skye Summer said she felt like the victim of "a seagull mugging" as she tried to eat her meal at Lowestoft beach in Suffolk.

Miss Summer had stopped to take a photo of the fish when the bird clamped its beak around it, making off with a good half of the large portion.

"Apparently fish and chips tastes best on a beach, but I never found out."

The young mum from Attleborough, Norfolk, had taken her children to the beach on Friday when they took a break for fish and chips.

"The kids were sharing some chips while we waited for the fish to fry, and I noticed a great big seagull eyeing up my son's food," Miss Summer said.

"I was a little worried so I threw a couple of chips in the opposite direction to distract it."

'Crafty little beggar'

She said the gull then "watched" her as she collected the fish.

"It was really hot and straight out of the fryer so I thought it was a good time to take a picture to show my dad that we'd all had fish and chips on the beach."

At that moment the "crafty little beggar" swooped and stole half the portion.

"It was a really large piece of cod and would have been very good value at the seaside for £5.40," Miss Summer said.

"I didn't get the benefit of that... but I bet the bird burnt its beak."

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