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Loseley herd of Jersey cows sold

image captionLoseley House was built in the 1560s and has panelling from Henry VIII's Nonsuch Palace

A herd of dairy cows is being sold by a Surrey estate after nearly 100 years because the owner says it is no longer economic to keep going.

Loseley Park's Jersey herd was started in 1916, and used to provide the milk for Loseley yogurts and ice cream.

More than 100 of the 200-strong herd have already been sold to a Cheshire farm, with more going to Scotland.

"To say we are disappointed is an understatement," said Loseley owner Michael More-Molyneux.

"Jerseys are part of the fabric of the estate.

"To see 200-plus animals go does change the atmosphere and the feel of the place."

European regulations

The Loseley Estate, near Guildford, has been in Mr More-Molyneux's family since the beginning of the 16th Century. The house was built in the 1560s for a visit by Queen Elizabeth.

The ice cream and yogurt business, started in the 1960s, was sold more than 20 years ago and the products are now made in Wales.

image captionLoseley's herd of Jersey cattle was started on the estate in 1916

Mr More-Molyneux said the remaining Jersey herd was being sold because of a combination of the low milk price and European regulations.

"The major reason is the increasing amount of red tape and regulations coming out of Brussels," he said.

"We had a decision to make whether to invest a five even six-figure sum to keep up abreast of the regulations.

"We felt that in the the circumstances this was probably the right decision but not the nicest and certainly it was taken with a very heavy heart by the family."

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