Recycling 'saves £3m for Surrey'

Recycling rates in Surrey have reached nearly 50% and saved £3m in landfill tax, the county council has said.

The local authority has urged residents to continue recycling in order to meet a target of 70% by 2013.

Dr Lynne Hack, cabinet spokesman for the environment, said sending rubbish to landfill was becoming increasingly expensive every year.

Councillor Hack said Defra figures had showed waste sent to landfill had fallen by 26% in Surrey.

Tax rises

Waste from Surrey sent to landfill dropped by just under 75,000 tonnes to 211,500 tonnes in the last financial year, according to the government.

Meanwhile tax on waste disposed of in landfill sites went up in April from £40 to £48 per tonne, and will increase to £80 a tonne by 2014.

Ms Hack said sending 75,000 tonnes of waste to landfill at £40 per tonne would have cost the county £3m.

"Our target is to be recycling around 70% by 2013, which will put us among the best performers in the world," she said.

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