Surrey drivers warned after 100 manhole cover thefts

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Drivers have been given a safety warning after a series of manhole cover thefts in Surrey, including 10 reported missing in one day.

Surrey County Council says about 100 manhole and drain covers have been stolen from the county's roads so far this year, at a cost of £40,000.

It believes the thieves are taking the metal covers for their scrap value.

Highways staff are sent out to make the roads safe and replace stolen covers as soon as possible, the council added.

It is urging motorists to be vigilant because of fears the number of thefts are on the increase.

Ian Lake, the council's cabinet member for transport, said: "The idiots who are stealing the manhole and drain covers clearly have no regard for people's safety.

"It's also galling to be paying out for replacements when that money could be better spent fixing potholes."

Four were reported stolen in Claygate, three in Horley and three in Caterham during one morning alone.

The council has said any suspicious activity spotted near manhole or drain covers should be reported to the police.

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