Family tied up by armed burglar on Wentworth Estate

A family was tied up by a burglar armed with a gun while he stole money and jewellery from a safe.

The five family members, including two children and an elderly woman, were at home on the Wentworth Estate, in Virginia Water, when the burglar woke them.

One of the victims was forced to go to the safe while another was threatened.

Surrey Police said they believed it was an isolated incident.

'Terrifying ordeal'

The aggravated burglary took place between 04:30 and 05:20 BST on Saturday.

The suspect is described as a man, approximately 6ft 1in tall, who spoke with a cockney accent and gruff sounding voice.

He was wearing a black balaclava, black clothing, black gloves and black and grey trainers.

Det Insp Jake Nuttall said: "This was a horrific and terrifying ordeal for the family involved.

"Thankfully none of the victims were seriously injured but they were put in very real fear for their lives during the hour-long incident."

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