Miniaturised Ham House goes on show at Ham House in Surrey

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image captionOver the last 30 years, Mulvany & Rogers have miniaturised many iconic buildings including Hampton Court, Versailles, Buckingham Palace, Brighton Pavilion, and Hogwarts

A miniaturised version of historic Ham House in Surrey - replicated by professional doll's house builders - has gone on show at the real building.

For the past two years, Kevin Mulvany and Susie Rogers have been working on a replica of the National Trust property from their home in Holt, in Wiltshire.

Delivered to its full-scale counterpart last week, Ms Rogers said the model only just "fitted through the door".

The miniature will be on display at Ham House, Richmond until 9 October.

image copyrightMulvany & Rogers
image captionKevin Mulvany and Susie Rogers are responsible for some of the most expensive dolls houses ever made (this is the miniature)
image captionFamed for their one-twelfth scale recreations of existing stately homes and castles their latest architectural portrait - a private commission - is the 17th century Ham House in Richmond, Surrey (this is the actual house)
image copyrightMulvany & Rogers
image captionTwo years in the making, the miniature house features gilded barley-sugar columns, floors inlaid with exotic woods, tiny silver fire-irons and hand-painted miniature miniatures, no bigger than a child's fingernail
image copyrightMulvany & Rogers
image captionEvery labour-intensive painstaking detail is created by hand - including all 50,000 bricks and dizzyingly the miniature house also features its very own miniature Ham House
image copyrightMulvany & Rogers
image captionWhen the replica house was delivered to the full-scale original last week, Susie Rogers, said there was "only centimetres to spare" but "it fitted through the door to the relief of all concerned"
image copyrightMulvany & Rogers
image captionUsing more then 30 craftspeople and artists from around the world Ms Rogers said "faded" Ham House had been "whisked down a time tunnel" and returned to its "original 'bling' magnificence"
image captionThe miniature Ham House will be on display at the National Trust's Ham House, Richmond, Surrey until the 9th October

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