Deal or No Deal? decide for yourself...

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Media captionSurrey Council boss on social care 'agreement'

From the PM down, the government says it won't do deals.

But they were desperate to stop Surrey's referendum on a 15% council tax hike.

So David Hodge boasts to his councillors he's got a last minute "arrangement". A gentleman's agreement.

You have nothing in writing one of his councillors points out on the leaked recording of their crunch meeting. Don't worry he says - name dropping the people he's spoken to. And it's backed by recordings of phone calls, some lasting two hours, and on top of that some written assurances.

But whatever you do, he stresses, don't tell anybody what we've got. "Keep those poker faces" his councillors are urged as they walk out of the supposedly private meeting.

Which might have worked, if Hodge hadn't sent those texts to a Labour councillor, and now one of his own side has blown the gaffe.

Did Surrey County Council get a special deal from government ministers?

Listen to the secretly recorded account of negotiations and decide for yourself.