Apology after disabled man told to leave Medway centre

Image caption, Doctors told Michelle Richardson her son was lucky to live past the age of 10

A council has apologised to a disabled man who was told to leave a sports centre because he was making noise.

Laurence Morgan, 20, who suffers from tuberous sclerosis and autism was asked to leave Strood Sports Centre after a member of the public complained.

The genetic disease causes tumours to grow on his organs, including his brain, and he communicates through sounds, some of which are high pitched.

Medway Council said it had apologised to his mother Michelle Richardson.

It said it would be meeting with her to resolve the issue and make sure the family felt welcome to use the facility in the future.

'Take him outside'

Mr Morgan had been waiting for his lunch at the leisure centre, where he has a weekly hydrotherapy session, when the duty manager asked him to leave.

Ms Richardson said: "She approached him, pointed at her watch and said 'Twenty minutes, don't you think that's enough of that noise? Take him outside.

"'We've had complaints from the public take him outside'."

She said he had been making noise because he was hungry, adding: "It just isn't fair.

"He doesn't do anything to hurt anybody and for them to victimise him, it's just wrong.

"They said due to the fitting and the condition of his heart we're lucky he got past 10. He's 20, 21 this year. Every day is a bonus."

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