Sussex woman in charity run after cow trample rescue

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Claire Morris suffered a broken shoulder and three broken ribs during the attack

A Sussex woman injured when she was trampled on by cows is planning to run a triathlon to raise money for the air ambulance that rescued her.

Claire Morris, 42, was knocked to the ground by the animals while out walking her dog near her home in Heathfield.

The mother-of-two was taken to hospital suffering from a broken shoulder, three broken ribs and nerve damage.

She now wants to raise money for the Sussex Air Ambulance, a charity that relies on donations from the public.

"My condition was not life-threatening but it makes you really appreciate what a huge difference the service must make to so many people," Ms Morris said.

'Quite a beating'

"All in all I was very lucky and my only regret is that the one and only time I got a ride in a helicopter was while sedated and flat on my back on a stretcher."

Ms Morris, a a receptionist at a doctor's surgery, was off work for six weeks following the incident in June.

She added: "Quite what had upset the cows so much remains a mystery but one turned and appeared from nowhere, butting me to the ground.

"Before I knew what was happening a handful of them had gathered round and I took quite a beating.

"I really did wonder if I was going to get out of it alive."

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