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Men threaten family shopping in Brighton with knives

Two men who threatened a family with knives as they shopped in Brighton are being sought by Sussex Police.
The two suspects began chatting to the 38-year-old woman and her two teenage children outside the Boots store in North Street, on Wednesday evening.
But when her husband and other son arrived, police said the conversation became less friendly.
The suspects then each produced a knife from their clothing, pointed it towards the family and then walked away.
Pc Chris Welsh, of Sussex Police, said although no-one was hurt officers were keen to trace the men.

Goatee beard

One was described as white, aged about 18, 5ft 8in tall, of lanky build with blond hair and blue eyes.
He was wearing a white top and black trousers, and appeared to be carrying a kitchen knife in his trouser pocket.
The other suspect, who was carrying a knife in a front zip pocket of his black jacket, was described as being of a South East Asian appearance, aged about 19, about 5ft 8in tall, and of a broad build.
He had a very distinctive goatee style beard and was wearing a black hat and black jacket.
The incident happened just after 1830 GMT.