Sussex charity warns dirty bird tables spread infection

image captionMr Weeks said he has treated "numerous birds" in recent weeks who have not survived

An animal welfare charity has urged people to clean their bird tables after seeing a spate of garden birds suffering from infections.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service said it had treated birds with coccidia and salmonella spread by unhygienic bird tables.

Trevor Weeks, who founded the charity, said he had seen "numerous birds" including doves, robins, and finches.

He said: "So far all have been too ill and none have survived."

Mr Weeks said people may not realise the harm their bird feeders and tables could be causing.

"These birds have come in underweight, puffed up and lethargic," he said.

"In a restaurant, you wouldn't re-use a plate time and time again without washing it. The same goes for bird tables and feeders."

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