East Sussex lorry driver in £17.8m lottery win

A lorry driver from East Sussex who won £17.8m on the National Lottery has said he bought the winning ticket when he stopped to buy a pint of milk.

Matthew Breach, 37, from Battle, landed the windfall last Wednesday when he matched six numbers in the Lotto triple rollover jackpot.

Mr Breach said he would probably buy a sports car and go on holiday.

He said: "I stopped to buy a pint of milk on my way home from work and got four lucky dips as well."

The lorry driver said: "Me and my friend always used to talk about if we won the lottery and now I've won it I don't know what to do."

Mr Breach, who has played the lottery ever since it began always using the same numbers, said his winning ticket was from random numbers.

'Bit of a daze'

He said: "I just still feel like it's a dream and it's not real.

"I keep pinching myself all the time and checking my phone to make sure the numbers are there, and they are."

Mr Breach said he planned to move out of his one-bedroom council flat and buy a new house.

He also said he would quit his job as a lorry driver, which he has done for the past six years.

Mr Breach, who is single and has no children, found out he had won the jackpot the day after the draw.

He added: "I told my mum the news but then I had a short nap to clear my head before I went to see my sisters.

"I've been in a bit of a daze since then, to be honest."

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