Sussex University 'congratulations' error e-mail

An e-mail was sent by mistake to thousands of people congratulating them on getting a place at university.

A member of staff at Sussex University sent the e-mails, which were meant to be a test, to thousands of people on its address list.

The e-mail welcomed them to the School of Education and Social Work. Many of them had not even applied for a place.

A spokesman said: "We acted immediately to recall the email and to correct any misunderstanding that had occurred."

Students already studying at the university and applicants from previous years also received the e-mail.

"The error arose while new enquiries systems were being tested," said the university.

"Of those who replied to us, most did so with good humour and understanding, since it was so clearly a mistake coming to them from one particular school of studies unconnected with their own subject of study."

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