Brighton Fashion Week displays 'Roadkill Couture'

image captionJess Eaton used household rubbish to make clothes in her collection last year

A collection of clothes created using dead animals is to be shown at Brighton Fashion Week.

Jess Eaton's "Roadkill Couture" collection uses animals that have either died of natural causes or have been killed for food or as pests.

It features clothes and accessories such as hats made using wings and jewellery created from pheasant skulls.

Ms Eaton's collection will debut on Friday in St Martin's Church as part of the two-week festival.

Last year the designer won plaudits for her "Trashion Show", where her clothes were made out of rubbish.

'Food for thought'

This year items in her collection will be made from materials including rat skin, fox tails and magpie feathers, with clothes such as trousers and skirts created using more traditional fabrics.

She described the collection as "food for thought".

"I would like people to think about how we treat our animals," she said.

"There's a huge uproar about using fur for clothing, but the fur I'm using is just a by-product of the food we eat anyway.

image captionA bird's wing has been used to decorate a hat

"We kill animals to eat and our society finds that acceptable.

"I've had some people who're prickly at first about the idea, but as soon as I say to them, if you buy a chicken the leftover parts get thrown away every day, they usually change their mind."

Director of the Brighton Fashion Week Liz Bishop said she was excited about Ms Eaton's collection.

"Jess is trying to make a statement that you should use every part of the animal and look what beautiful things you can do with it."

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