Crowborough family's garden flooded by 'black water'


A 1m-wide hole that has appeared at a property in East Sussex is flooding the garden with dirty water when it rains.

A burst underground pipe is also leaking debris including a football and empty condom packets at the house in Crowborough.

Homeowner Ashley Groom said: "We have to wash the garden down to get rid of all the debris, black dirt and rubbish that comes out."

The flooding first happened during heavy rain in early June.

Mr Groom said he spent the day "clearing out dustbin loads of muck out of this 12-inch sort of sewage pipe" but the following night the flooding happened again.

'Natural water'

The father-of-two said: "For the first four weeks after it happened, nobody wanted to know. The council didn't want to know, the water authorities didn't want to know, they all came out and looked and said 'no, nothing to do with us'."

Catherine Beaumont, from Wealden District Council, said the pipe carries "natural water not particularly from a house or anything" which would have been installed by a previous owner of the property.

She added: "We'll put a camera down the hole and try and work out where it's blocked, we think it's about two or three properties away in this particular case.

"Ultimately it's up to the person who has got the blockage to sort that out and all the owners have to get involved in fixing it where it's broken."

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