Lancing academy put in special measures after two years

A Sussex academy has been told it is "failing" and has been put into special measures - two years after it opened.

An Ofsted report on the Sir Robert Woodard Academy in Lancing said the school's effectiveness and capacity for improvement were both "inadequate".

David Simmons, one of the academy's governors, said: "It's not all bad and we need to build on what's good."

The academy has been told to raise standards to at least the national average by summer 2013.

Ofsted criticised the academy's teaching objectives and the report said there were too few checks on pupils' understanding and progress throughout lessons.

'Significant changes'

The report said: "Weak teaching means that the quality of students' learning and the progress they make are both inadequate.

"Students enter the school with low attainment and this does not rise sufficiently.

"Learning in lessons is affected by students' low aspirations and their lack of confidence, and too often the teaching does not address these issues effectively."

The report did say that there had been significant improvements in students' attitudes, "driven by the vision and commitment of the principal and senior team".

Mr Simmons, who is on the academy's interim board of governors, said that there had been difficulties in the past with behaviour issues.

He said: "The Ofsted report shows that there have been significant changes in that, for the better.

"That provides a much better foundation for the future."

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