Sussex Police offer course for Brighton's drink offenders

People arrested in Brighton for being drunk and disorderly are being offered the opportunity to attend a course rather than pay a fine.

From Monday, offenders will have the choice of attending a three hour course costing £40 or receiving an £80 fine.

The new alcohol diversion scheme has been introduced by Sussex Police, Brighton's city council and the NHS.

Insp Justin Burtenshaw, from Sussex Police who is leading the project, said: "The course is hard hitting."

Changing behaviour

He added: "It contains information about the damage which can be caused by binge drinking.

"It offers the opportunity for people to really reflect on the risks around their behaviour and it has been proven to result in long term behavioural change.

Similar courses are already running in Derbyshire where Insp Burtenshaw said the results were very encouraging, with the majority of people who attended the courses reducing the amount they drank by more than 50%.

"The post evaluation also demonstrated that none of the people who attended the course were arrested again for any alcohol-related crime," he said.

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