London 2012: Thalidomide survivor to join torch relay

A woman born disabled as a result of the drug thalidomide has been chosen to carry the Olympic torch in Sussex.

Lorraine Mercer, 51, was born with shortened limbs and has constant pain after her mother was prescribed the drug during pregnancy.

She will carry the flame through Crowborough on 17 July, day 60 of the London 2012 torch relay.

Ms Mercer, from Haywards Heath, said: "It will be a really proud moment for me to carry the torch."

Dr Martin Johnson, of the Thalidomide Trust which provides support for those affected by the drug, said: "We're really proud that Lorraine has been chosen to carry the torch.

"Even though it's now 50 years old, the story of people affected by thalidomide is far from over and we're still campaigning for a permanent financial settlement.

"We hope that by taking part, as well as it being a fantastic opportunity for Lorraine, it will keep a light shining on the cause of people affected by thalidomide across the UK."

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