St Leonards dog attack man admits charges

Dog attack scene
Image caption Brown lived on the road in St Leonards where the attack happened

A man has admitted four more counts of owning a dog dangerously out of control in a public place after 10 people were attacked in East Sussex last month.

Spencer Brown, 22, had already admitted six counts earlier following the attack near his former home in St Leonards.

He appeared at Hastings Magistrates' Court on Wednesday and was released on bail to be sentenced on 30 August.

One victim seriously injured in the attack in Marline Road on 22 July said he had suffered extreme mental trauma.

Nigel Waughman, 52, is still undergoing treatment for his arm, leg and head wounds which he suffered walking home from a shop with milk.

Destruction order

He said he owed his life to two women who fought the Staffordshire bull terrier-American bulldog crossbreeds off him, only to come under attack themselves.

"All of a sudden I felt a bite on my leg and pulling, and then all of a sudden there was one big pull," he said.

"I fell over on the path, smashed my ribs on the kerb, then the other one grabbed hold of my arm and they dragged me 50 yards out into the middle of the road.

Image caption Mr Waughman says he still suffers flashbacks from the attack

"All of a sudden someone kicked the dog off. As I went to look, where the dog was going for my throat, he caught the back of my head and I could feel the teeth in my skull.

"I never thought [of] myself as a heavy, emotional person and I never, ever believed in depression, but when I'm in bed and it's totally dark and quiet, it's like a cinema screen - I just see it happening all over again."

Sussex Police have applied for a destruction order for the dogs, which will be considered when Mr Brown is sentenced.

The animals are being held in secure kennels out of the county.

Mr Brown, who is unemployed and now living in Northamptonshire, had also earlier admitted possession of cannabis.

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