Lorry's 'widespread' Sussex diesel leak cleared

An articulated lorry leaked about 25 gallons of diesel on to Sussex roads causing traffic incidents across the county, police have said.

The southbound A23 was closed at Handcross Hill and incidents were reported on the A272, A24 and A280.

Officers were alerted during Friday morning rush hour after an unusually high number of vehicles skidded.

The A23 was reopened on Friday afternoon. Police said a large operation took place to clear the fuel.

Insp James Biggs said: "It appears the lorry had been leaking diesel from a faulty connector on its fuel tank. On its journey from the north of Sussex, we believe around 25 gallons were shed."

Several vehicles lost control on the A23 and one vehicle was reported as "spinning on the road". On the A23/A272 slip road, a car hit a lamp post, and buses skidded on the A280 and the A24.

Shortly before 09:00 BST, a car skidded into a bush near Angmering.

A lorry that had stopped nearby was found to be the source of what officers described as a "widespread diesel spillage".

Police said the lorry had set off from Chelmsford, Essex, but it was believed a fuel connector problem started near Crawley.

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