Hickstead 'road rage' biker tries to grab keys from moving car

A motorcyclist rode towards traffic before trying to grab the key from the ignition of a moving car during an episode of road rage, police said.

Officers described the altercation on the A23, near Hickstead in West Sussex, as a "frightening" experience for the driver.

The woman's Ford Mondeo and the motorbike were travelling south when the car moved into the inside lane.

The biker kicked the car door at speed and later tried to grab the keys.

Sussex Police said after kicking the door, the man turned off the dual carriageway at Hickstead and overtook the car as it approached the roundabout at the top of the slip road, near the Shell garage.

He then turned his bike around and drove towards oncoming traffic until he was alongside the car before reaching inside the window and trying to grab the key from the ignition.

He rode off when the woman tried to stop him.

It happened at about 09:30 GMT on 8 February, but was revealed by Sussex Police earlier.

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