Wheelie crash motorcyclist Lee Oliver sentenced

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Media captionA motorcyclist has avoided serious injury after attempting a wheelie

Footage has been released of a motorcyclist who avoided serious injury after coming off his bike while attempting a wheelie at 70mph.

Cameras mounted on 38-year-old Lee Oliver's motorbike and in an oncoming van captured the crash near Uckfield in East Sussex on 18 May last year.

Oliver and fellow biker Lee Cunningham were also recorded riding at 130mph in West Sussex.

Both bikers were given suspended prison sentences at Lewes Crown Court.

Oliver and Cunningham had both fitted cameras to their bikes, which recorded their journeys as well as their speedometers.

Before the crash, Oliver had reached speeds of 130mph on the Cuckfield bypass, and Cunningham's camera recorded him going at 137mph.

On another stretch of road they were filmed riding almost three times over the 30mph speed limit.

While attempting a wheelie at 70mph on the B2102 Bellfarm Road, Oliver lost control of his bike which ended up in undergrowth, while he bounced and slid along the road. He then hit the oncoming van and continued sliding down the road for another 15m (50ft).

He only suffered minor injuries.

The van driver was forced to brake so suddenly that a car travelling behind went into the back of his vehicle.

Minor injuries

Oliver, of Oakleigh Road, Horsham, and Cunningham, 39, of Brighton Road, Horsham, both pleaded guilty to dangerous driving at Lewes Crown Court on 6 February.

They were each given 18-month prison sentences, suspended for two years, fines of £1,000 and ordered to pay costs of £700.

They were also told to do 200 hours of unpaid community work. Both were also disqualified from driving for four years and will have to do an extended re-test.

Sergeant Huw Watts, from Sussex Police, said: "When you watch the video, it seems amazing that Oliver escaped with just minor injuries and concussion.

"If he had come off his bike just seconds later he could have gone under the wheels of the van and been seriously injured or even killed."

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