Businessman detained at Gatwick over anti-Brexit badge

A man was detained by Border Force after refusing to remove a badge Image copyright PA
Image caption Eddie Brinsmead-Stockham said he was detained after refusing to remove a badge

A businessman said he was detained at Gatwick Airport after being ordered to remove an anti-Brexit badge by a member of staff at passport control.

Eddie Brinsmead-Stockham said when he refused to take off the "Bollocks to Brexit" badge he was taken to a holding area without his passport.

He said he "felt very frightened" while he was detained at the airport by Border Force.

A Home Office spokesman said it was "taking the matter very seriously".

Mr Brinsmead-Stockham, from Surrey, arrived at Gatwick's north terminal on Monday afternoon, following a trip to Portugal.

He says that, after his refusal to take off the badge, he was detained for around 10 minutes until a second official returned his passport and allowed him to leave.

He said the official told him to take off the badge in the airport because he was in danger of being assaulted.

He told the BBC: "I had never encountered that sort of belligerence at passport control before. I felt very frightened."

A Home Office spokesman added: "We are aware of claims made by a member of the public regarding an incident at Gatwick Airport.

"We are taking this matter seriously and are investigating."

Gatwick Airport said it was a matter for the Home Office.

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