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Boy saves mother from house fire using Nintendo DS

image captionJake Goode with his life-saving Nintendo DS

An 11-year-old boy has been hailed a hero for saving his mother from a house fire.

The blaze started in Jake Goode's bedroom in Guisborough and he used the light from his Nintendo DS games console to lead them both to safety.

They are now staying in a hotel while insurers and engineers inspect their home.

Jake's mother praised her son for using his initiative and learning from his father who is a firefighter.

Jake said: "I saw an orange glow from the closet with the boiler in it - I was looking for my phone to use as a light.

"I thought I know where my DS was, switched it on, and used it as a torch to go wake my mum.

"We ran downstairs and phoned the fire brigade."

His mother, Louise Worsey said: "I'm just so proud of him.

"You think your children owe you their lives, but I actually owe Jake my life."

Cleveland Fire Brigade praised Jake Goode's bravery and hailed him a hero.

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