Cleveland Police called to CID Christmas party

Cleveland Police have been called out to their own Christmas party.

More than 100 officers attended the CID event at the Staincliffe Hotel near Hartlepool on Thursday night.

A woman not connected to the party phoned the police when two men shouted at each other, police said.

Cleveland Police were unable to confirm claims that three cars and a dog section were deployed. Police said they could not substantiate any complaint and the investigation had been closed.

Duty manager of the Seaton Carew hotel Angela Jukes said: "The only thing I was aware of was a couple of officers had a little disagreement and that was it.

"We were just as oblivious as everybody else."

The Staincliffe Hotel is part of the same terrace as the house where John Darwin lived, the man who faked his own death in a canoeing accident.

The hotel has a Canoe Room and a Darwin Room.

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