Hartlepool Headland sea defence project begins

Artists impression of sea defence work Image copyright Hartlepool Borough Council
Image caption New concrete block facing and rock armour will be installed along the existing sea wall

A £9.6m, five-year building project to strengthen Hartlepool Headland's sea defences against erosion has begun.

New concrete block facing and rock armour will be installed on the existing sea wall between the Heugh Gun Battery and Marine Drive.

The work can only be done between March and September so as to not disrupt winter birds.

Hartlepool Council said the additions would last 100 years and protect more than 500 homes.

There will also be extra protection to the sea wall from the Pilot Pier to the Heugh Breakwater.

Concrete blocks will be placed at the base of the wall in a stepped formation, to absorb the impact of the waves.

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Image caption The new Hartlepool Headland defences are expected to protect hundreds of homes from coastal erosion

The coastal defences have been designed by Hartlepool Council's engineers and funded by the authority and Environment Agency.

The work will continue in phases until 2020.

Marjorie James, chair of the council's neighbourhood services committee, said: "Rising sea levels and coastal erosion are a serious threat along Britain's coastline and ensuring Hartlepool is properly protected, is a key priority for the council.

"These sea defences have been designed to withstand the most severe storms and to last for over 100 years.

"They will safeguard more than 500 homes as well as a number of business premises."

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