Northumberland Council considers housing stock future


Council tenants in Northumberland are being asked for their views on how the housing stock is financed.

The government is proposing to give councils more responsibility over their housing budgets.

Northumberland County Council wants to know whether tenants would prefer to change from the current subsidy system, to a self-financing one.

People have until 17 September to make any comments, or have any queries answered.

Under the current system, the government estimates how much it will cost to manage and maintain council housing and how much income the council will get from rental on the houses.

If it costs more to manage and maintain the properties than the council gets from rental income, the government pays "subsidy" to the council to make up the difference.

Any surplus of rental income over management and maintenance costs is paid to the government.

A self-financing system would give the councils more responsibility for managing their housing budgets.

It would allow them to invest any surplus in new developments, as well as retain any net income from Right to Buy sales.

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